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Our mission is to reduce dog bite and related incidents, and to educate the public on how to handle their animal friends. This includes the proper use of tools and body language in addition to how to train dogs. Our mission is to reduce dog bite and related incidents, and to educate the public on how to handle their animal friends. This includes the proper use of tools and body language in addition to how to train dogs.

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Empire K-9 has a large reputation of being able to handle the most difficult dog’s behavioral problems with a high success rate. Doesn’t matter if your dog is pulling on leash, barking at people or dogs, has food aggression, loves to bark at doorbells, or who loves to jump on people. We train all dogs no matter the breed or their bad behaviors.  We offer training packages to help address all your dog obedience problems, including Private training  and Group training at our facility or at your residence. We will help you curb bad behaviors while promoting healthy ones so you and your dog enjoy many wonderful years together.

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Welcome to Empire K9, we are a mobile base dog training company that service the Inland Empire! We offering a wide variety of services and packages for your canine-related convenience. Our team breaks down the dog training process so you gain a better understanding of your animal and how to provide it with the best care possible. Whether a new puppy has come into your life or your adult dog could use some extra training or behavior modification, it’s our job to help you four-legged family member understand that you are the pack leader!

In addition to dog training in Rancho Cucamonga, we at Empire K9 are pleased to provide protection training options. If your dog is meant for service and you want to ensure the best results every time the animal is “on the job,” talk to us. We provide comprehensive protection training that begins with a thorough evaluation. If your dog is not meant for protective services, we will let you know. Our mission is to help the Inland Empire area enjoy a population of happy, healthy, active canines, not to put potentially-dangerous or inexperienced animals in field.

We may base our dog training headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, however all services are conducted at your residence. Training always occurs indoor or outdoors, as we know how dogs thrive in the California weather. The urge to run and play is present in nearly every dog species (well, perhaps not the famously-immobile bulldog!), and we use this love of the outdoors to our advantage at every opportunity. As with humans, dogs do best in settings where they are most comfortable. We are subsequently happy to bring our Inland Empire dog obedience training services to your door.

Why deal with an unruly or poorly-behaved canine? Learn why your animal friend is experiencing behavior problems or not listening to you like it should. Our dog training classes are designed to help your pooch understand that you are the Alpha Dog and that it is you the animal should listen to at all times. Save yourself from frustration and upset from dealing with an untrained dog–take advantage of the amazing classes and packages we provide! We look forward to working with you..and meeting your fuzzy friend.

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“I have recently completed a basic obedience package and it has done Ben Wardorswonders for my dog. I am now signed up for personal protection package. I have a pure bred american pitbull, red nose, with high drive. Going through these sessions have helped me take control of my dog and have taught me how to properly train a dog with high drive. I started seeing a difference after the first session!“

Ben Wardors

“Empire K9 is great for anyone who has problems training there dog or has any dog behavioral problems, if you’re new to training your own dog Empire K9 is the place to go. My experience with Empire K9 has been Stephen Leeawesome! I didn’t know much about dog training until i met Yasin Ali, he’s taught me the Empire K9 method it was very easy and effective. My German Shepherd picked up really quickly. He’s taught me how to become that pack leader. I can now take my well behaved German Shepherd anywhere.“

Stephen Lee

“A few weeks after rescue, Lawrence started showing signs of dog aggression only when leashed, which was confusing. At home – fine. Out and about on a leash, he started lunging, and at one point he grabbed a 4-mo Maltese puppy in his mouth and shook her.aa We were TERRIFIED that our dear Lawrence was animal aggressive and unadoptable. He also had many scars on his forearms – we thought, was he a fighting dog? A bait dog? Will he ever be adoptable? How did we not see the signs??“

Angela Halfman

“We developed a sense of confidence first with one-on-one basic training, then behavior modification (he learned how to react effectively to other dogs and that he did not have to be defensive when leashed, regardless of his past), then pack training. His experience changed our mindset as a rescue and we now have invaluable knowledge that has helped us to work with other dogs we’ve rescued with unknown, yet obviously troubled pasts.“

Angela Halfman
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