Empire K-9

Board & Train Camp

Our In Kennel Board & Train option happens to be our most popular training program that we offer and is designed to teach obedience On leash or Off Leash. This is a great option for those owners with dogs that need obedience training or struggle with minor dog aggression issues, but do not exhibit serious behavioral issues.

Professional Trainers

During the Board & Train camp, your dog works with skilled, and experienced dog trainers each day. Dogs are kenneled safely and humanely.


We use proven techniques to help smooth out behavior issues, such as minor dog aggression issues. We help your dog learn the most important obedience skills that will make your dog’s life, and your life, much easier.

Benefits of Empire K9 Board & Train Camp

An obedient dog is a safe dog. One of the most common reasons owners end up having to give up their dogs is because the dog has minor behavioral issues like not staying on a leash or minor aggression issues like nipping.


We help your dog break bad habits and learn how to obey. When your dog has been properly trained, they are less likely to get into trouble around your home. It is easier for you to spend your time bonding with your dog instead of struggling with basic things like leash training.

Basic Minimum Requirements

Before you enroll your dog in our Board & Train Camp, you need to make sure that your dog meets our basic minimum requirements: No anxiety, fully crate trained, free from injuries and illness.

We carefully evaluate each dog before we accept them into one of our Board & Train Camp programs.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started with one of Ontario’s best dog training facilities? Our team is ready to work with your dog.


If you’re unsure of which camp program is the best fit for your dog, contact us. Our expert team will guide you to the best package for your needs. We are happy to answer all of your questions.


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30 Day Board & Train


– Full On Leash Obedience
– Behavior Problems minor Dog aggression
– Out And About Training
– Daily Exercise
– 2 Follow up Private Session

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45 Day Board & Train


– On/Off Leash Obedience
– Behavior Problems
– Out & About Training
– Daily Exercise

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Not sure which package is right for you?

With top results comes professional expertise. You can trust our team to guide you through what package suits your dog best, and answer any questions you may have.