Our Board and Training is one of our most popular training and obedience programs. It’s perfect for owners who want help training their dogs, but feel they lack the time and ability to do it themselves.

Empire K9 is one of Ontario’s most popular dog training programs. We have a spacious indoor/outdoor training facility and years of experience working with dogs of all kinds.

Professional Trainers 

During the Board & Train camp, your dog works with skilled, and experienced dog trainers each day. Dogs are kenneled safely and humanely. 

We use proven techniques to help smooth out behavior issues, such as minor dog aggression issues. We help your dog learn the most important obedience skills that will make your dog’s life, and your life, much easier. 

Board & Train Camps:

30-Day Board & Train -$3,000

  • Full on Leash Obedience
  • Minor Dog Aggression
  • Out and About Training
  • Daily Exercise
  • 2 Follow-Up Private Sessions

45- Day Board & Train – $3,800

  • On/Off Leash Obedience
  • Behavior Problems
  • Out and About Training
  • Daily Exercise
  • 2 Follow-Up Private Sessions

Benefits Of Board And Train Camp

An obedient dog is a safe dog. One of the most common reasons owners end up having to give up their dogs is because the dog has minor behavioral issues like not staying on a leash or minor aggression issues like nipping.

We help your dog break bad habits and learn how to obey. When your dog has been properly trained, they are less likely to get into trouble around your home. It is easier for you to spend your time bonding with your dog instead of struggling with basic things like leash training.

Basic Minimum Requirements 

Before you enroll your dog in our Board & Train Camp, you need to make sure that your dog meets our basic minimum requirements:

  • Minimum unwanted barking
  • No anxiety
  • Fully crate-trained
  • Free of injuries and illnesses
  • Evaluation required

We carefully evaluate each dog before we accept them into one of our Board & Train Camp programs.

Most Common Question Asked!

Your dog must be at least 6 month old. Fully vaccinated 

Yes, we offer financing through Square Payments. Contact us for an application to see if you qualify. 

We do offer multi dog discount. All dogs must go through evaluation before determine discount rate.

Usually your first private session runs for an hour. Each session after that runs 45 minutes in duration 

Fill out an evaluation form online.

Let's Get Started!

Let us evaluate your dog’s behavior, temperament, drive, abilities, and how he/she learns. We’ll discuss your training goals, budget and any behaviors that require immediate attention. Then, we’ll explain our philosophy, customize a training package just for you. Evaluations are conducted at our Ontario Office.  $50 Cash Fee Per dog Please Review Pricing Before Filling Out Evaluation Form.


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