For owners who would want to be more involved in the dog process, then private lessons are the best option.  Private lessons are once a week for 45 minutes and end with written instruction and assignments to prepare for the following week.

During private lessons you will learn a clear communication system and how dogs think. You will a better understanding of the dog training process and teach basic obedience and some behavior modification.

Training Packages

Here at Empire K9 we don’t believe one program fits all. We offer training package group of 8, 10, and 12 session each training group broken down to $75 per session. Each session is 45 mins long. Training is held every week or every other week for the duration of your training program. All private training sessions are held at our training facility in the city of Ontario.

Our 8 Session Package ($600) is designed for dogs for are extremely motivated and happy to work for their owner praise, food, or play. This program will cover loose leash walking, sit, down, place and come. We will also help curb mild problems such and pulling on the leash, jumping on guest, mouthing. This program is not designed for dogs who are stubborn or have aggression issues. 

Our 10 Private Session Package ($750) are designed for dogs who Aren’t as motivated. This program will cover all basic foundation of training loose leash walking, sit, down, place and come when called. 

Our 12 Private Session Package ($900) is designed for dogs are are stubborn and or struggling with more serious behavioural problems such as nervousness, aggression towards other dogs, and or people. This program include all foundation obedience.


Let us evaluate your dog’s behavior, temperament, drive, abilities, and how he/she learns. We’ll explain our philosophy, customize a game plan just for you. Evaluations are conducted at our Ontario facility.

Each evaluation is 30 minutes long and requires a $35 nonrefundable fee  per dog

Puppies must be fully vaccinated before scheduling an appointment