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Empire K9 using a balance approach training method, or a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement. We show you how to become a pack leader and take control! Our program is designed to get results fast with training methods that let you take your dog anywhere. We demonstrate how our training methods work during your first evaluation, and subsequently determine what program is suitable for you and your dog.

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What Is The Best Age To Start Training My Dog?

We recommend our Rancho Cucamonga puppy training services when the canine is 6 months old. Waiting about six months gives you time to form a loving bond with your animal. This bond makes it easier to train your dog, as it will be more responsive. If your puppy is a large dog breed, training beginning at 4 months of age may be recommended.

Can Any Breed Enroll In Rancho Cucamonga Dog Obedience Training?

Yes! We welcome dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Our team believes every dog is trainable, and we are always thrilled to meet new four-legged friends.

Does My Dog Need Shots To Participate In Puppy Or Dog Training Classes?

Dogs and puppies require up-to-date shots before they can participate in our Inland Empire dog training classes. We enforce this rule for the safety of all dogs and humans who participate in our training programs.

Are Private Classes Available?

We offer private and group classes for your convenience.

My Dog Does Not Get Along With Other Canines. Can I Still Enroll In Your Program?

Our team will assess your canine’s behavioral issues to determine which of our Inland Empire dog obedience training programs is best for your animal’s specific needs. Puppies require three rounds of shots, so we recommend beginning a training program once the rounds are complete.

What Do Your Dog Obedience Training Classes Cover?

It depends on the class, however we cover basic training such as sit, stay, and heel commands, as well on and off-leash training and canine socialization. We also focus on bolting, dog barking, destructive chewing, fence fighting, and much more. Our team provides comprehensive puppy and dog obedience training classes for the Inland Park area.

Where Does Dog Obedience Training Take Place?

Our facility is located in Rancho Cucamonga, however our classes are held at Etiwanda Creek Park. We believe training outdoor maximizes your dog’s training ability and increases his focus. Our staff holds group classes Every Sunday.

Each dog goes through a learning phase to master behaviors. We first teach basic behaviors, and once the behaviors are learned we introduce the distraction learning technique. After the dog masters that phase, we move into proofing all behaviors.

Training phases

  • Learning phase (sit, stay, down, come, heel, and focus)
  • Distraction Phase (other dogs, people, and noise)
  • Proofing Phase

What you need for training:

  • A sturdy platform
  • A 6ft leash
  • A bait bag
  • Treats
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