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Puppy Socialization Course – 5 weeks $125

Puppies go through a critical period of socialization between eight and 16 weeks of age. During this period of time, they mature very rapidly. If isolated from external stimuli and not exposed to the outside world, they can grow up to be fearful adult dogs.

Litters of puppies raised in an isolated location such as a barn, a garage or an isolated dog kennel often have little exposure to humans except those feeding them. If puppies never leave their confined, isolated quarters where they have been raised, they may never experience any external stimuli such as automobiles, strangers, loud noises or children running and playing.

Poorly socialized puppies can also result when they have been raised in the wild by an abandoned, female dog. If these puppies are fortunate enough to be discovered by a human and receive handling while still very young, they have a better chance to trust humans and be less fearful. If they receive no human handling before they are 16 weeks of age, they may grow up to be very fearful adult dogs that are not acceptable family pets.

If puppies are not socialized at an early enough age, it makes little difference if they have been raised by a breeder, a private family or in a vacant building; the outcome will usually be the same. Puppies that receive little or no human handling between the ages of eight and 16 weeks of age often remain fearful when exposed to new situations. Meeting their new family for the first time, the car ride to their new home, their first trip to the vet, and meeting children, strangers or other dogs for the first time can be extremely frightening for these puppies.

We will never be able to affect puppies raised in the wild by an abandoned dog or by breeders who don’t know how important it is to socialize their puppies. What we can do is not allow our emotions to override good, rational thinking when making a decision about which puppy will make the best family pet. If you feel sorry for and want to select the shy puppy that avoids eye contact and doesn’t want to be picked up, you may be setting yourself up for future problems.

Empire K9 provides the professional Inland Empire dog training program that offers a socialization and educational guide for owners. We teach you how to identify proper and improper socialization skills to put your puppy on the right path to becoming a balanced, socialized dog.

Our team also recommends taking the new puppy everywhere possible, as this will reduce the likelihood of your dog being afraid or showing aggression towards people and other dogs.

Empire K9 suggest all puppies should start some form of training at 4 months of age, whether it is socialization or obedience training.

Many new pet parents naturally become concerned when their pets don’t seem to get along with other dogs and act aggressively around humans. Puppies go through a natural socialization period from 2 to 6 months of age, during which time they learn to read behavioral cues from other dogs and figure out their relationships with animals, people, and places.

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Puppies are a joy to have, but require a lot of attention and training from the very beginning! With patience, kindness, and more positive training techniques, your puppy can grow to be a wonderfully trained dog that will live a long and healthy life.

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