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At Empire K9, we specialize in behavioral modification. We offer packages for dogs who are just struggling with reactivity towards other dogs or people at on walks, pulling, jumping, and not coming when called. All training is conducted down out our outdoor training facility located at 960 Brooks St Ontario, CA We can also customize a training package for your needs.

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The majority of the dogs we see or deal with on a daily basis have common behavioral problems such as pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, separation anxiety, potty training issues, excessive barking, door bolting, dog aggression, human aggression, and shyness. These problems are due to any number of issues, such as prior abuse, territory problems due to other pets in the house.

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Training package selection is based on your dog’s temperament test, abilities, behavior, and level of aggression. We formulate programs based on your training goals, budget, and trainer recommendations.

Loose Leash Walking,  Place/ Down Stay, And Recall.
7 Semi-Private training session 45-minutes to an hour per session


In this training program, we focus on teaching you and your dog simple commands that you can use in your day to day life. Place command/ down stay, loose leash walking, and come when called. We will also curb minor problems such as pulling, jumping and mouthing.

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Leash Reactivity Towards Dogs  45 Minutes to an Hour Per Session
5 private/Semi Training Sessions
7 Private/Training Sessions

Mild $500 Moderate $700

In this program, we will be modifying your dog’s leash reactivity towards other dogs. Depending on the level of aggression you may need to join the mild or moderate behavior modification course. This program is to simply teach your dog how to walk politely on a leash. Once we achieve loose leash walking then we can move into modifying their reactivity

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Reliable Off-leash E-Collar Recall

4 Private session 45 Mintues training session


In this package, we will teach more advanced off leash training.

This program consists of 4 private training session 45 minutes long. We will teach you and your dog how to recall on command with mild level of distractions. In this course, we use a 15-foot long line, food, and a remote collar

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In home training
$150 per session

In this training program we will teach you how to curb unwanted behavior problems such as fence fight, food aggression, barking at door bells, jumping on guest, stealing food Each training session varies between 30 mins to 45 mins

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Protection Training Cash $50
Evaluation required begins January 2018

In this program will consist of obedience training and bite work. We will be teaching basic obedience commands heel, sit, down, stay, come and protection training. Biting on command, show aggression command and scenario-based training all dogs must go through an evaluation to determine if your dogs have what it takes to be a protection dog.

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Dog Socialization will be offered to clients who have completed our behavior modification course. This particular package is designed for dogs who struggle with aggression or fearful behavior. Pricing depending on each case

$50 Per Session Each Session 45 mins
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End your search for dog trainers in Southern California by working with our knowledgeable, experienced team of experts. We work tirelessly to modify and correct your dog’s behavioral issues to provide you with a happy, healthy canine. Discover why your dog acts a certain way and learn what you can do to stop destructive behaviors permanently. Pick from one of our affordable dog training classes today! Protection training is also available.

We look forward to working with you and your canine!

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